A Local Blood Donor Completes Mission to Donate in all 50 States

Al Whitney, from Cleveland, OH, started a mission in Erie, PA, in the fall of 2007 to donate blood in all 50 states. On Saturday, August 11, 2012, at United Blood Services in Casper, WY, Whitney completed that mission! Donating platelets, Al Whitney was able to complete his mission in five years.

The reason for his mission? To raise blood donation awareness.

With the completion of this donation, Whitney does not plan on stopping, as there is no upper age limit to donating blood.  He has donated “more times that he can count” and has also assisted in organizing over 100 blood drives.

A true advocate of the cause, Al Whitney is one of the thousands of heroes that take time out of their busy lives to donate blood and help save lives!

To learn more about Al Whitney and his mission across America, check out http://www.plateletsacrossamerica.com/