How Can Your Recruiters Customize Their Blood Donor Recruitment Pitch?

When your Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME) becomes more fluent with the way the scheduler works, naturally you should see improvement in their call quality and conversational skills. At Incept, what sets us apart from others in our industry is the fact that we strive to make the call personal and make the donor feel like their individual donation really does make a difference!

I’m going to keep this short, so without further ado, here is a list of easy ways for blood donor recruiters to personalize their pitch:

Personalize, Customize, and Verbalize

  • Match the tone of who you are talking to. I always find this to be one of the easiest steps towards truly personalizing a blood donor recruitment call. Think about it. People want to identify with someone who they consider a like-minded individual. Give them someone to relate to by simply replicating the way they are speaking to you. What that means is if you are on the phone with a businessman who happens to be a donor, reverberate his tone of projected professionalism back to him. If you are on the phone with a Midwestern stay-at-home mom who is happy to be a blood donor, replicate that excitement back at her. The idea here once again is all about finding ways to identify with who is speaking.
  • Use the blood donor’s history to help customize pitch. Some donors have donated once while others have donated over one-hundred times! That being said, it is easy to customize what you are saying in a recruitment script by simply knowing how many times your donor has donated. It always helps to convey appreciation for past support as well. By using the donor’s history you can personalize the way you ask them to donate. You know where they like to donate and what type of donation they prefer to do. This makes it easy to convey the process of scheduling over the phone as a personal and convenient way to donate hassle-free.
  • People want to feel important about their donations. Many blood donors donate to help people. When you are knowledgeable in blood-type percentages, you can make a blood donor feel that much more important about what they are doing. For example, when I speak with a B+ blood donor I say something along the lines of this: “Honestly, with your blood type being B+, you are more on the uncommon side of blood types when it comes to donating! In the whole United States there are only about 8-9% of people in the population that have that blood type and even fewer donate with it. That is why you are so important to us and the community.” No joke, it really works, and it makes the donor feel like they are appreciated.

These are just a few tips, but we will have even more ways to help make your recruitment calls personal in a follow-up post. Heck, it may even be a video!

Stay tuned!