Thank You!

As 2011 comes to an end, I started thinking about all of the lives impacted by blood donors.

At Incept, we recruited nearly 220,000 blood donors this year making it possible for as many as 660,000 blood recipients to spend time with their loved ones. And we are only responsible for a portion of the blood donors that go out each and every day giving of themselves so that others may receive the gift of life.

So it is now that I want to thank the thousands of employees that work for The American Red Cross and community blood centers across the nation. We often forget all of those that work in collections, marketing, laboratory services, development, finance, building and fleet, as well as all of the executives that each play a vital role in keeping our nation’s blood supply safe. While the recipients may never know your name, we know you are there and working each day to make a better tomorrow for those in need of blood and blood products.

From all of us at Incept, thank you for all that you do in making sure so many ill and injured have a Happy New Year. We wish you joy and peace in 2012!