Incept Listens: Acquire

Even though I studied psychology and writing in college, I know that if you’re part of a business, you have to have customers.

Whether it’s nonprofit or for-profit, whether you’re in conversational marketing (like Incept) or selling Girl Scout cookies, that’s the bottom line. But after speaking with Billie Johnson, Vice President of New Client Results, I learned that when Incept acquires clients, they don’t just knock on doors, shove the product in your face and ask you to buy. Many businesses recruit clients like Girl Scouts sell cookies, but Incept sets itself apart.

When organizations come to Incept looking for an outsourcing partner, they’re searching for what they think they need. As best explained by Billie,”Our clients depend on us to stop them when they ask for something and really drill down to get to the root of their business issue. THEN we help them decide what they need to do to solve that problem.”

When Incept acquires a client, they start by asking questions and listening. They go beyond what the customer wants to what the customer needs. When Billie sits down with representatives of a blood center, she reviews their goals, strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of growth and concern. This way, the customer receives more than they originally asked for. And they’re typically grateful for it.

Imagine that when you bought that one box of Girl Scout cookies, you received another dozen boxes for free. Wouldn’t you go back to that same Girl Scout for your other needs?

Do you run your business like Incept or like a Girl Scout?