Incept Gives Update: Incept Making a Difference

At Incept, helping others is more than what we do. It’s a big part of who we are. Each year, Incept strives to make a difference in the lives of others. We commit a part of our yearly earnings to local, national, and multinational charitable organizations that provide goods and services to people in need around the globe.

In 2012, we have been fortunate enough to help quite a few organizations that are making a difference in the lives of others every day!

One of our donations made a huge impact on a local family, the Ohlers, in Akron, OH. Meet Mason and his little sister Olivia.

Both Mason and Olivia suffer from seizure disorders which require their family to have access to special equipment that monitors them for seizures while they sleep and alerts their parents if they begin to have one at night.

Because of the hard work of our entire team, Incept Gives was able to make a donation which provided their family with two seizure monitors that will help give their parents some peace of mind during the night. The donation was made through Fund it Forward, located in Norton, OH.

“I can’t tell you how much appreciate the monitors that have been given to us!! We have lots of sleepless nights in fear of the unknown with Olivia and Mason, but we now have a tool that can help us be sure they are safe at night! Thank you so much to all of you that made it possible!!!” - Amy Ohler, Mason and Olivia’s mother.

We’re able to do such wonderful things because of the hard work our entire team puts in. Thank you!