Happy World Blood Donor Day 2013

Today is World Blood Donor Day! WBDD is celebrated every June 14th to raise awareness of the need for blood donations every day! There is no substitute for blood, so the only way to get blood is through unpaid donations from donors. Today (and, for us, every day) we celebrate blood donors and say thank you for all they do to save so many lives! With the slogan “Give the gift of life: donate blood”, this year’s campaign, the 10th anniversary of World Blood Donor Day, will focus on the value of donated blood to the patient. There is value not only in saving lives but also in helping people live longer and more productive lives.

To save this photo, just right click on the image and select 'Save Image As'. From there, save it on to your desktop and change your profile picture so your friends know you save lives!

How can you join in the celebration? Well, if you are a blood donor, make it known! As a lifesaver who donates blood, let your family and friends know you save lives as a blood donor by changing your Facebook profile photo to the “I Save Lives” photo to the right! Also, ask your family and friends to change their Facebook profile pics to help celebrate!

If you are not a blood donor, take the time today to become one! Stop by your local blood bank, and make a lifesaving donation!

Thank you to all the amazing blood donors who are doing their part to save lives! You are all truly heroes!