Annual AABB Meeting and CTTXPO 2011 Conference Recap

The Annual AABB Meeting and CTTXPO 2011 Conference always proves to be a wonderful time. This year was no exception!

The convention center was decked out in grandeur, and the conference was well attended. Although I heard grumblings that overall attendance was down, I certainly didn’t notice it from within the Incept booth! We were busy!

This particular conference is always very interesting. Over 3,000 attendees from around the world, all looking to find ways to better enhance the lives of others through transfusion medicine. Sound boring? Guess again. From exhibitors to attendees, this industry is full of folks with passion. How much you ask? There were people wearing bug costumes to get your attention about the dangers of traveling abroad and the impact that travel has on our blood supply! While it is all done in fun, the topics are quite serious and in many cases life threatening.

At the Incept booth, I was joined by President and CEO, Sam Falletta, and Client Results Executive Jenna Patterson. The 3 of us made quite a team talking to and educating everyone on how Incept has turned “tele-recruitment” into a conversational marketing necessity.

Sights to see? Well, San Diego is full of fun things to see and do, but time was precious. For me, the highlight was watching the World Series AND Monday night football with a great group of blood bankers while staring out at the ocean. We don’t get much of that here in Ohio!

The next conference is now months away, so I have put away the trade show booth for a bit and am focused on increasing the number of people who are donating blood this holiday season. Won’t you join me?