Blood Donor Recruitment: How to Reactivate Lapsed Donors

If your blood center is looking for ways to increase collections this summer, your lapsed donor base is a great resource you can turn to. We define lapsed donors as anyone who donated 24-48 months ago; and while these donors are slightly more difficult to recruit than current donors, they require fewer resources than cold calling. You also have more information about your previous donors, such as their blood types, donation histories, and preferred donor centers or mobiles, which can assist when attempting to recruitment them to donate.

Here are three points to consider before launching a lapsed donor recruitment campaign:

  1. Determine the donors you need. Do you need specific blood types or a particular antigen? Is there a donor center or area in your region whose collections need a boost? Would you prefer donors who have histories of donating double red cells? There are a number of questions that will help you focus on the donors you truly need.
  2. Create your call list and scripting. It has been at least two years since these donors last visited your centers, so their contact information may have changed. After you determine the donors you want to recruit, verify that you have the most up to date phone numbers and addresses. This will reduce the amount of wrong numbers and will ensure that you are calling donors who still live in the area. Tailor your scripts to the donors you are calling. Remind them why their donations are important, and educate them on any important changes that have happened since their last visit, such as new locations or new loyalty programs.
  3. Explore additional recruitment channels. In addition to phone calls, you may find that some donors respond better to postcards or emails. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact a donor, be prepared to use an alternative form of communication.

Your lapsed donors have helped you in the past, and many of them are willing to return again! If planned carefully and executed properly, a lapsed donor campaign can result in a much needed boost during difficult summer months.

In what other ways have you reactivated lapsed donors?