Blood Donor Recruitment Tips: Effective Coaching Using the D.A.S.H. Method

Coaching your Blood Donor Recruiters is a daily task. You want to make sure they are doing the best they can, staying sharp and recruiting as many blood donors as possible. How can it be done effectively to get the best results for you and the blood donor recruiter? Coaching sessions should be Durable, Actionable, Straightforward, andHelpful. You may remember these using the acronym “DASH.”

  • Durable: Written records from Formal Coaching should be easy to understand–not just at the moment, but also in the future. Supervisors should spell out details and avoid abbreviations. A written record is durable if a tele-recruiter can understand it 5 days after the session just as easily as during the session.
  • Actionable: The tele-recruiter must have a crystal clear understanding of how to act upon the advice received and the benefits of doing so.
  • Straightforward: The tele-recruiter should understand each word, line, instruction, and piece of advice that is offered. The supervisor must be adept at recognizing confusion and at clarifying when needed.
  • Helpful: This is not just a “feel good meeting.” The content of the discussion must be honest and useful so that the tele-recruiter can use it to score more wins.

By ensuring that your coaching sessions are achieving each one of these actions, you will be able to maintain an effective coaching session and your blood donor recruiter will be making impactful calls that are driving more blood donors in the door.

Try it and watch your results increase!