How To Handle Inbound Blood Donor Conversations

Inbound Blood Donor Conversations

Not all blood donor conversations begin as outbound calls. Donors may call your center to schedule new appointments, reschedule existing appointments, check eligibility, ask questions about donating, or ask for directions to donation sites.

Tele-recruiters should always follow the rules of engagement discussed in previous blog posts, but the unplanned nature of these conversations means that a less rigid script will be available. An inbound donor needs someone who is helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and able to help with the least amount of delay.

Because of this, inbound conversations should be routed to experienced tele-recruiters who are well-trained in every area. Have someone like this available at all times to ensure that inbound calls are answered quickly. Never allow an inbound call to go to voice mail during business hours, review messages at the start of each business day, and reach out to donors who have left messages promptly.

How do you handle inbound donor conversations?