How To Get Donors To Show Up For Their Donation Appointments

There are several key factors to include in your scripting to get someone to SHOW UP for their blood donation.  Just getting a yes isn’t good enough - you must sell it enough to get someone to want to take time out of their life to come and make a blood donation.  That, my friends, is the part I want to focus on today. 

I'm an active blood donor, so I'd like to use my own experience and perspective to start us off.  There are a few key items that stand out for me if you were to call me to get me to come in and donate blood:

  • Engage me by making it personal
  • Get it stuck in my head
  • Remind me in more ways than one

Engage me by making it personal

First and foremost, you must make it personal. Engage the donor.  I know I need to give blood - we have all seen the commercials or been at school to hear about the blood drives, but why do I need to donate?  Is there something personal you can tie this to for me; a family member went through this, something on the news hit home, a child in need… what is it that “rings my bell”? 

Or, can you switch it up and just make me feel important.  Tell me how many people I have saved, or how many “gallons” I have donated… or just tell me I am wanted.  I know this is crazy, but THANK ME.  Isn’t gratitude the key to success?  Making me feel the joy to come and give this gift of life is the ideal outcome.  Make me want to come BACK. 

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change oridnary opportunities into blessings.
— William Arthur Ward

Get it stuck in my head

Once you have gotten me to say yes, now hammer it in.  How can you remind me enough or the right way that I remember when and where my appointment is?  Clearly state these things at least two times in the call.  My location and time are the most critical parts of the call I need to remember.  Speak clearly and give me instructions about the appointment.  But most importantly, keep me engaged so I listen.  To really seal the deal, get me to repeat it.  If I am fully prepared and have mentally noted the appointment then the next steps will be just the thing needed to get me in that chair.

Remind them in more ways than one

Do you want to know how I remember there is a meeting or a conference call?  I get a reminder that pops on my phone and computer letting me know it is coming up.  Guess how you can improve the chances of me coming to my blood donation appointment?  You guessed it- REMIND ME. 

Everyone prefers different methods of reminders, so the more ways you can do that, the better.  If there is enough time, send me a postcard.  Did you know that we've seen more than a 5% increase in show rate for those donors that received a reminder postcard before their donation compared to those who didn't? It really does work!

If you send me a reminder email that allows me to add the appointment to my calendar- you got me!  Follow-up texts and phone calls are another personal touch to ensure the donor has been hit from every angle and will be at their appointment.  Any time you can hit me with more than one angle of the reminder- the better.  But there is a balance.  Sending every one of these will seem a little overkill, but finding the right mix for each donor is key.