Good Customer Service: What Makes It?

Recently, I ordered a new bass guitar.

I waited months upon months before ordering my current beauty of a bass, a Schecter Stiletto Elite four string. I read every review I could read. I scoured the internet for the best deal, and then I came upon it. I was so excited to finally be ordering the bass guitar of my dreams that I did not hesitate and put the order in during the wee hours of the early morning one Thursday.

Oddly enough, I found myself being woken up that same morning by a phone call from Sweetwater (the company from which I ordered my guitar) – more specifically, from a gentleman named Brad. He talked to me like he’d known me for a while. He didn’t sound impersonal, but upbeat rather and told me the order would be shipping out. I received my bass just two days after placing the order, and even after the delivery, I got a call about two weeks later to see if everything got to me okay and if I was enjoying my new instrument. Little steps like these are what left such a hugely positive impact on me as a customer and gives me a second thought about where to look for a new amp.

When it comes to providing exceptional customer service,Incept does the same thing in our own phone calls to blood donors across America. We want to make sure that they are acknowledged with appreciation and listen to their concerns and needs when itcomes to donating blood. Good customer service comes from treating people like people, not like another number or phone call. It comes with going the little extra distance to leave a customer or donor with a “Wow” experience and is, ultimately, the foundation upon building a lasting positive relationship with your client.

As the world continues to become more connected with social networking and seemingly grow smaller and smaller, good customer service almost seems as though it has become a bush-league priority for most companies. This is quite sad considering how many corporations monitor their company-to-consumer relationships through one of the big social networks. So right now, conjure up a thought of one of the best customer service experiences you’ve ever had and directly compare it with one of the worst customer experiences you’ve ever had.

What were the contrasts made that distinguished each one of those times as either good or bad?

Stay tuned as we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Customer Service.