Incept Saves | Little-Known Rules About Blood Donation

When I talk to blood donors as a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) at Incept, most of them know the common rules of giving blood:

  • drink water and eat before and after donating
  • don’t donate if you’re ill
  • double-check your eligibility if you’ve traveled out of the country
  • and a few others… (check out Stephanie Stanley’s Handy Dandy Med Book )

Here are some rules few have heard of:

  1. Don’t smoke cigarettes for 30 minutes after donating blood! LifeSource, Chicagoland’s blood center, recommends not smoking for a whole hour both before and after giving blood. Even if the donor has enough iron, food and fluids in his or her system, smoking could increase the likelihood of dizziness or even fainting.
  2. Don’t eat candy or mints or chew gum immediately before or during the blood donation. In fact, it’s good to avoid eating any fatty foods at all for 24 hours prior. Blood centers provide plenty of snacks after the donation!
  3. Donating blood doesn’t hurt as much as people assume. Yes, the initial needle puncture stings, but it’s a slight pain that many people find is worth it. I mean, you’re helping save up to three lives with every pint of blood! Also, the pain subsides quickly. The sensation of having the needle in your arm for 5-10 minutes is not painful.

Can you think of other little-known facts?