Staying Positive When Learning New Blood Donor Recruitment Programs

Learning New Blood Donor Recruitment Programs

Whenever you are being trained on a new program, it is important to remain calm and positive. The way you approach a new program will ultimately lead to the whether you have a good outcome or a bad outcome. There are many things that may keep a person from being positive about being trained in a new program, but it is important to always maintain a positive outlook.

New programs offer new opportunities

As a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME), you may have been in a position where you were sitting next to a fellow employee who was talking about how awful a program is. After you listen to their negativity, you may be upset to hear that you will be trained on the very same program that your fellow employee was talking horribly about last week.

Different people like different things. Just because someone else may not like a new blood donor recruitment program, doesn’t mean that you won’t like it. The program may suit your strengths, or you may react more positively to the people you speak to. Try to stay bias-free going into training, and you could be pleasantly surprised.

Confidence comes with training and experience

CMEs going into training also feel very nervous about the new information they learn. They don’t have the confidence knowing that they are equipped to handle different situations in their phone calls – in many cases, having confidence comes with gaining experience.

Think back to when you were a new employee and back to when you were first being trained. It was probably a fairly nerve-wracking time. Now think about where you are now and how comfortable you feel in your phone calls. Looking at things with this perspective can make you have faith in knowing that you will gain more confidence with every phone call you take.

Your knowledge and value are related

Successful people are often people who look at things optimistically. A program will only be as good as the effort you put into it. It is important that when you are going into training for a new program that you think positive thoughts, because the positivity will help you gain a better outcome. Think of learning the program as a way the company increases their value in you – the more you know the better of an asset you’ll be to the company.

How do you stay positive when learning new blood donor recruitment programs?