The Importance Behind Taking Your Time On Each Recruitment Ca

Here is a guest blog from veteran Incept Employee, Jeff Wein.

Hi, My name is Jeff Wein. I have been an employee with Incept Corporation for nearly 4 years now. I have had the pleasure and opportunity to help out with many different things here at Incept. Whether that be coaching, listening to calls, training, or even making calls, all aspects of this job require that you take your time while doing them. It kind of plays into the age-old saying you may have heard your grandmother proclaim: “Make sure you do it right the first time!”

As conversational marketing experts here at Incept, one of our primary everyday jobs on the Saves side of the Company is that of blood donor recruitment. In short, we place calls to and receive calls from blood donors who have donated before in attempts to secure their support again.

Often I’ve had team members ask me, “Jeff, where do you draw the line? How long is too long to take on a phone call?” On average, a great call can typically be handled within 3-5 or 5-7 minutes depending on the context of the call and the age of your contact. Don’t come across hurried or in a rush unless you are legitimately in a rush to provide assistance to your customer. The most important thing to remember during each call is to offer the best customer service you possibly can, and the rest will follow suit! Results, appointments, and positive numbers will all fall into place when you take care of your donor and exceed their customer service expectations.

Here at Incept it’s important that we always take however long is necessary. Something we always want to keep in mind is that not only are we a professional organization but we represent, on a daily basis, clients that are much bigger organizations than our own. And each of them have a professional image to uphold. One thing we pride ourselves in is our ability to offer customer service excellence through the strategic use of conversational marketing.

What this means is that we need to go into our cubicles each day with “The situation dictates” in the forefront of our minds. This saying serves as a reminder that each and every person we get the opportunity to talk to has a different situation, and each must be handled delicately and specifically.

Through the use of active listening you always want to offer the contact peace of mind that you are not only hearing what they have to say, but that you also understand. This will give you the ability to respond relevantly to each donor’s issues and handle them to the best of your ability. So keep in mind no matter what that even when we don’t get the appointment, we want to be sure to take whatever time necessary to make the donor feel important. We are here to assist an accommodate them, even if that means taking a “No” today. Always take every “No” in stride and with a smile on your face, because we want each contact to be left with a welcoming environment in our call so they want to talk to us again.

So with all that being said you’re still thinking, “Jeff, you never told us the one thing we asked: How long is too long?” To that I will say one last thing: Focus less on the numbers and the “front end” of things, and just do your best in each and every call. At the end of the day, customer loyalty and strengthening relationships are the desired outcomes of our work here.

Not necessarily how long it took you to do it.