Let’s Talk…Results: Getting Better At The Small Stuff

At Incept, we are always striving to improve. Even when we are already doing great, our core value of Never Satisfied keeps us inspired to find ways to become an even better company.

We take pride in our blood donor recruitment work and have scheduled countless blood donors to make lifesaving blood donations in their communities. We always make sure we give blood donors friendly reminder calls the day before their scheduled donations, as well. Lately, we have looked at our reminder calls not just as ways to remind a donor of an appointment to donate but as a makeshift retention process to keep donors showing up and a way to boost our inbound appointments.

This is also a rare occasion to see me in action within this blog post, so don’t let that pass you by! 

Why is it important to consistently fine-tune your business practices and recognize where you can strengthen company-to-customer relationships?