Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: Why You Should Be a Blood Donor

Every day here at Incept we have the honor of saving lives by talking the talk, and I want to take some time to explain why it is so important to walk the walk. We are trained to talk to donors every day, and it is nosecret why it is so important to donate blood. In fact, the job is to make the donors understand the importance of donating blood through meaningful conversation.

When you yourself donate blood, you are no longer just talking the talk, you are walking the walk! This will allow you to have an even more meaningful conversation with your donor. You will now understand exactly what the donor is talking about, which will help you to relate with them on a more personal level. You too will have experiences that you can share with donors to make them feel more comfortable. For example, you may experience being turned away due to a low iron level or having a slight sniffle. When this objection occurs the next time you are talking to a donor, you will be able to say with complete confidence “I’m sorry to hear that. That actually happen to me when I donated once, and I found that eating iron-rich foods before trying again really helped. I personally like peanut butter, but there are a number of foods that can help raise your iron level.”

The main reason you should walk the walk is because a single donation can save as many as three lives! Take a second to think of your three favorite people; now imagine what your life would be like without them… By donating blood you can work toward ensuring that fewer and fewer people have to experience this feeling.

So, it’s up to you. Are you going to talk the talk, walk the walk, or both?