Incept Gets A Surprise Visitor in the Contact Center!

On Thursday, December 13th, one of our Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs) received an unusual phone call from a donor at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Alvin, of Pasadena, Texas, was calling to see if he could come visit Incept today since he was in the area visiting family! With a request like that, how could we say no! We were honored that he reached out to us.

Stopping in later that day, we gave Alvin a tour of our contact center and a chance to meet some of the CMEs that have been calling him asking for him to come in a donate! It offered a great way for him to put faces to the voices he has spoken with several times over the years.

A loyal blood donor, Alvin has donated with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center several times and has donated many times with other centers prior to making his way to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.  While the visit was a quick one, Alvin definitely left a great impression around the contact center, and we felt honored to have him want to meet us! We hope he stops back the next time he is visiting family in the Canton area!