Schedule Your Blood Appointment Today to Help with Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

It has been two weeks since Hurricane Sandy made her appearance on the East Coast, and help is still needed! Have you done your part?

There are many ways to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and a big impact to help those in need is a blood donation. Sandy forced about 300 blood drives to be canceled. “Patients will still need blood despite the weather,” said Dr. Richard Benjamin,  Chief Medical Officer of the Red Cross. “To ensure a sufficient national blood supply is available for those in need, both during and after the storm passes, it is critical that those in unaffected areas make an appointment to donate blood as soon as possible.”

Blood and blood products have been moved to the areas affected by the hurricane, but to help keep a safe level of blood for there and home, donations are needed. For just a little bit of your time, donating blood will help so many during this time. Contact your local blood bank or the Red Cross to  schedule an appointment today.