What Does the Average Blood Center Look Like Today?

In general when I visit a blood center, if they can tell me their metrics, they usually look something like this:

The Narrative 

Those 12 full time employees leave a ton of messages and they really only speak to around 4 eligible donors per call hour (they speak to 6 or so, but a couple always self defer). They get half of those donors to schedule an appointment, and then about half of them keep their appointment.  On an average day the team gets through roughly 30% of the total donors in your donor base – but that is by design as you are likely pulling super specific lists. If you track the units back to those that are a direct result of tele-recruitment, they are responsible for about 22% of your total centers collections. 

I hope these numbers look familiar.  If you are unfamiliar with these metrics, assign someone to start digging.  This is where you need to begin to baseline your performance so that you can realize your improvement after implementing a few of the tactics I talked about in our last webinar. 

Next time we will look at the flip side of this story.  Where blood centers NEED to be is totally different.