Blood Donor Recruitment Tips: The Little Things

How well do you understand how others see you? Understanding first impressions can help you discover how you are perceived in the office, in navigating your career, and in social situations. Making simple changes can even have a lasting impact on your personal success. Learning your interpersonal strengths helps to boost your confidence, and increased self-awareness can help to minimize your blind spots. So how do we learn interpersonal strengths and increase our self-awareness? Start with these five little things!

There is no other impression you can make on someone that is more important than the first impression. The school of hard knocks teaches that if you don’t make a positive first impression, you seldom get a chance to make a second impression, especially on the phone!

  • Arrive five minutes early. On the phones, this means to be ready for your call as soon as it comes in.
  • Dressed and looking your best. Are you smiling, attentive and have a clear intention. Are you offering a friendly introduction?
  • Intentionally show an interest in the unique things people say or do. This includes the sounds you hear in the background including their pets and children.
  • Stay focused on what the person is saying. It is so easy to let your attention wander especially if you think you already know what they are going to say.
  • Make a professional impression. We are here to assist our donors in any way possible. If you don’t know an answer, admit it. However, be sure to use the resources around you, including your supervisors, to find the answer. We want to be the experts on all things related to blood donations.


Every little thing we do during the call process influences the first impression on a prospective donor. From the background noise in our call center to the way we handle ourselves in every call, everything affects the first impression. I am convinced that all of these little first impressions (when added together) play a valuable role in placing us as a leader in this industry. It is the same philosophy that has allowed others to excel in their various endeavors.

Our challenge is to start being aware of all the little first impressions we are making on people. Remember: these tiny impressions (when combined together) form our company’s brand, ultimately influencing every part of our business.

What do you do to ensure you make a great first impression on the phone?