Blood Donor Recruitment Strategies: Ask For the Donation!

Did you know that the number-one reason why people do not donate blood is because they are not asked? That makes our job of just asking so important. Calling your donors on a consistent basis can help ensure you are getting enough donors through your doors and improve your blood donor recruitment strategies.  When calling your donors, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Ask for the donation politely. It sounds easy, but getting a donor to say yes on the phone can be determined based on how they are asked. If you are having a rough day and are very short with the donor when speaking with them, they are more likely to say no.
  • Make sure you are always educating the donor on the importance of their donation.Every donation makes a big impact. Make sure your donor knows that.
  • Ask the donor to bring a friend. Who is better to recruit more donors than a donor? Having a donor bring a friend or family member is a great way to grow your donor base!
  • Make sure to remind your donors to donate. Reminder calls are key to making sure a donor actually donates. Donors are busy. They have a lot on their plates, so make remembering to donate a little easier for them with a reminder call. Also, ask your donors if you can send them a reminder text. It may be more convenient for the donor.

Start applying these tips into your blood donor recruitment strategies, and watch your results increase!

What tips do you have to increase the number of blood donations?