Why It’s Important To Reschedule Blood Donors

Reschedule Blood Donors

In today’s society it is not uncommon to have a busy schedule. So oftentimes when you are on the phones you will have to second-attempt a donor when they explain that they are too busy to donate. When a donor who is too busy to donate agrees to schedule a blood donation, it is imperative that you explain the importance of rescheduling in case they are unable to make it to their appointment.

When a donor schedules an appointment, a spot is saved specifically for them and that spot is considered a promise to a patient who is in need of a transfusion. When the donor doesn’t call to say that they are unable to make it to their appointment, donor centers aren’t able to open that spot for other donors who are interested in giving blood; this is now a loss to the donor center and to patients in need. For this reason, you should inform the donor of their options if they are not able to make it to their appointment.

What exactly are the donor’s options? Well, we are able to give them a reschedule number, and they can call that number to be directed to one of our Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) and set up a time that is more convenient for them. If the donor wasn’t able to write down the reschedule number, it’s not a problem. We have the option to send it in a text message reminder that they will get both 24 hours before their donation and 2 hours before their donation. Incept also provides the donor with a reminder call; this is typically done a few days before the donor’s scheduled appointment. It allows the donor the opportunity to reschedule when they get their reminder call.

Letting the donor know how important their blood donation is to a patient in need allows them to understand why they should always reschedule their appointment. When a donor reschedules their appointment, it allows someone else to fill the time slot and it ensures that there will not be a blood shortage in the future.