How Are You Today?

How are you today?

It’s such a simple question that is heard all the time, but all too often is asked just for the sake of asking.  We hear it when we check out at the grocery store, walk past a coworker in the hall or speak with a Customer Service Rep on the phone.  What we overlook is the importance of that question in truly letting the other person tell us how they are doing.

Part of being a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) is to not only get blood donors to donate blood, convey to customers why they shouldn’t cancel their service, or complete a customer satisfaction survey, but also leave the people with whom we speak a positive experience from our phone call.

That can easily be started with asking that simple question: How are you today? Then make sure to respond appropriately to whatever is said in response.  If the contact is having a rough day, offer an apology and tell them you hope their day gets better.  If they say they are doing great, respond by saying that is great to hear!  Whatever your response may be, just make sure to respond!

So the next time you ask, “How are you today?” make sure to take the time to let the other person respond, and always show compassion in your response back to them!