Thank You Calls: An Easy Opportunity To Strengthen the Relationship

I don’t know about you, but there is something that feels good when someone says, “Thank you.”

It must be a psychological thing, because if you notice in today’s society everyone wants to be recognized for something. Look at modern fashion and how loud and colorful clothing has become. Guide your eyes through your Facebook feed, and look at all the indulgence people seem to take in their image and personas. Everyone nowadays wants to be noticed for something they do.

At Incept, we recognize that. Since we recruit many blood donors on behalf of our clients across the United States, we truly recognize the importance of saying “Thank You” to the blood donors we speak to! When you think about it, since blood cannot be manufactured and has to be donated, that donor is giving a part of themselves in a very literal sense. “Thank you” is the least we can say. But there is so much a blood center can incorporate from thank-you calls being incorporated in their blood donor recruitment efforts!

The Benefits of Thank-you Calls on Your Blood Donor Recruitment Efforts

  • Easy way to strengthen the relationship with your donors. No matter what line of business you are in, you want to keep the “customer” happy. When we perform a thank-you call, it enables us to strengthen the relationship in an easy manner. We obviously want thank the donor for their selfless actions, because, after all, donating blood is a beautiful and generous way to save people’s lives. This helps encourage them to continue giving but also conditions them to want to talk to us on the phone.
  • Thank-you calls can be a convenient way to gather post-donation data. During a thank-you call, you also have the opportunity to ask how the donation went. Not only does this further the relationship in a positive way by conveying you care, but it also allows you to have invaluable feedback about your program. Did it go well? Was the staff nice? Were they accommodating? These answers are entirely firsthand feedback and insights that you can easily use to improve your efforts with your respective donors.
  • Convert first-time donors into maintenance donors. Remember watching the original Willy Wonka movie when Charlie returns the gobstopper at the end? Wonka goes on to say, “So shines a good deed in a weary world.” When we thank our donors for donating, we aren’t asking them for anything. We simply want to thank them for their actions. Sometimes a small gesture of kindness can be enough to encourage someone to donate again, ultimately creating a potential maintenance donor.

Saying thank you in real life is easy enough. If you aren’t incorporating thank-you calls into your organization’s recruitment agenda, what is stopping you? You can build the relationship easily, gain valuable donor insights, and possibly encourage someone to donate again for your organization. All of this is made possible just by showing a little appreciation!

How does your organization thank its donors or customer base?