Why Blood Donations For Pregnant Moms Are Important

Saturday, June 14th, was World Blood Donor Day. Thanks go out to everyone who donates and helps support life!

The theme of this year’s day was “safe blood for saving mothers”. Blood transfusions can be crucial to expecting mothers not only during pregnancy but also during the period right after giving birth. The blood type of both the mother and the father play a key role in deciding whether a mother could need a transfusion or not.

The Rhesus Factor: Either You Have It or You Don’t

The Rhesus Factor is when you have the D antigen or protein that surround your red blood cells. You can be either Rh+ or Rh-. Women that are Rh- are more likely to get pregnant by males who are Rh+, and this is where the problem is caused. In these cases, the babies also become Rh+. This causes risks for the mother, as well as future pregnancies, because she is exposed to blood that does not match her body type.

Her body then starts to form antibodies to fight off the foreign blood from the baby, which it does not know. In most cases, the first baby comes out fine; however, future pregnancies are effected, because the antibodies are still in the mother’s system waiting to attack the foreign blood. This can cause medical issues for the mother, such as miscarriages, birth defects, and even death for future babies.

With her antibodies fighting off the baby’s blood, it can also cause the baby to have a low amount of red blood cells, which can result in the unborn child having severe anemia. At that point, a blood transfusion is administered to the baby in ordered to keep it healthy. It only takes a teaspoon of blood to help saves a baby’s life. Of course, when giving birth, mothers tend to lose a lot of blood. Transfusions help the mother restore her blood levels to help recover the blood she lost.

This is why Incept Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs) believe in what we do and is just one of few reasons why we actually do take immense pride in our jobs. We help people, plain and simple. We help car accident victims, folks needing emergency surgeries, and, of course, pregnant moms and their newborns.

What’s stopping you from doing your part to help by being a blood donor?