HOW TO Personalize Your Blood Donor Recruitment Phone Calls

Have you ever heard a fellow Conversational Marketing™ Expert reference someone’s blood type or the amount of donations the donor has given in a phone call? If you have I’m sure you wondered where they got that information. The answer is very simple.

When making Blood Donor Recruitment calls, depending on the program you are calling, you are able to personalize that particular call simply by looking at the donor’s profile. It not only will tell you how many times they have given with that specific Blood Bank but it will tell you there blood type, as well as where they have given in the past and how many points they have for that Blood Centers Donor Loyalty program.

Now let me tell you how you can use that in your calls. The first way to use it, is simply to just thank them for the number of donations they have done in the past and equate that to the number of lives they have helped save. For example if the donor has donated with the Blood Center 11 times, that equals 33 lives saved! The more excited you are about them saving lives, the more it will make them feel appreciated and remember why they donate blood in the first place.

Another way you can use the donor profile is by being one step ahead of the donor. If you look at their donation history and see they typically visit a specific location, change your question to “Would a weekday or weekend work better for you to come back to our ‘insert location name here’?” (This works best if they donate at a fixed site). If they donate at a mobile, get in the habit of checking your drive list to see if we have any thing scheduled to come up at that location.

Now with blood types, if you recall O- being the universal donor, it doesn’t hurt when you have an O- donor on the phone to let them know this. You can do so by saying something along the lines of “I see you’re O-, that means anyone needing a blood transfusion can receive your blood, let’s go ahead and get you scheduled so you can continue to help us save local lives”, and then follow with a trial close. Or if they are one of the other blood types, it doesn’t hurt to throw in the facts of what percentage of the population has their specific blood type and how they can help save the lives of local patients. (O+ = 38%, O- = 7%, A+ = 34%, A- = 6%, B+ = 9%, B- = 2%, AB+ =3%, and AB- = 1%).

Now looking at the Donor Loyalty Programs and the accumulated points there are a few ways you can use this. The best way to use this is to simply let them know how many points they have, how many they will be getting on their next visit (point out things for example like 100pt kept appointment bonus) and then let them know about where they can go to redeem their points. A lot of donors may not be aware that they are even members of these programs, let alone what they can do with their points. So remind them. Take that extra second and really make them your customer.

The best thing you can do in your calls, is to take the time to really be appreciative of blood donors, as well as being efficient and remaining one step ahead of them to deliver the ultimate customer experience.