Formal Coaching For Blood Donor Recruitment

Your organization is nothing without donors, and a large portion of your donors won’t exist without your tele-recruiters. So, your tele-recruiters are your blood donor recruitment organization’s most important asset.

That said, many blood centers continue to treat investments in employees as expenses. They gladly spend large sums of money keeping up buildings, beautifying grounds, and updating computer systems; they pay high salaries for top organizational leaders; and they reluctantly (and often haphazardly) allocate only leftover resources to improving their front line assets – the human capital known as tele-recruiters.

You Get Out What You Put In

Every penny and every hour you strategically invest in helping tele-recruiters become as effective at recruiting donors as they can be increases the financial health and longevity of your organization and saves additional lives.

Accept at the front end that formal coaching requires significant investments of both time and money. What makes these investments worthwhile are the proven (and consistent) results they produce.

If done right, coaching is an employee benefit, and good tele-recruiters look forward to it. Not a day should go by without each tele-recruiter being coached or developed in some way.

What does coaching look like at your blood donor recruitment center?