Blood Donor Recruitment During the Holidays

With the holiday season comes a greater need for blood. Blood donors’ schedules are busier, more donors are getting sick, and bad weather can make it harder to get to the blood center. During the holidays it is important to remember these things, as Blood Donor Recruiters, when speaking with donors and make sure we are really expressing the need for blood and how appreciative we are of donors for taking the time to donate.

Here are some tips on blood donor recruitment during the holidays:

  • Be Thankful – When speaking with a donor, thank them for their previous lifesaving donations, and make sure to thank them for scheduling an appointment with you today. Let them know you understand they are busy and appreciate them taking time out of their busy day to save lives!
  • Be Accommodating - Are they planning a shopping trip soon, or do they have a school event for their child coming up? Check to see if there is a mobile location they could donate at that same day. This allows them to still get what they need to get done that day and fit in a lifesaving donation.
  • Education – Let the donor know that their donation is needed now more than ever because of the reduced number of donors during the winter, and explain why there are fewer donors. Provide the donor with the education they need to make an informed decision.
  • Provide the Reschedule Number – Make sure your donor has your reschedule phone number. We provide it in all our calls, but make sure to not skip over this part of the appointment too quickly. Things come up, but if the donor has that number they are more likely to call in and reschedule their appointment.

Try implementing these tips into your recruitment calls, and watch your results increase!

What tips do you have for donor recruitment during the holidays?