World Blood Donor Day 2016

Today is World Blood Donor Day!

Each year, June 14th is dedicated to raising awareness of the need for blood donations. Did you know that if only 1% of the population donated, we could meet a nation’s most basic requirements for blood? While that number seems small, our world still struggles to meet this most basic need. There is no substitute for blood, so the only way to get blood is through generous donations from donors.

In the wake of the horrendous violence that took place in Orlando this past weekend, we've seen an outpouring of blood donors rushing to help their community. OneBlood, a blood center serving Florida, even set a record single day record for donations.

While this flood of love warms our hearts, there will still be a need tomorrow, next week, and next year. If you are not a blood donor, we encourage you to take the time today to become one! Stop by your local blood bank, and make a lifesaving donation!

Thank you to all the remarkable blood donors who are doing their part to save lives! You are all truly heroes!