How Coaching Forms Can Help Blood Donor Recruiters

How Coaching Forms can Help blood Donor Recruiters

Here at Incept, we strive to be the best and live by our values. Every time we have the opportunity to make improvements, we go for it.

We have goals to hit every month for each of our clients. In order to hit these goals, our team leads, team captains, and coaches make sure to help our Conversational Marketing Experts (CMEs) as much as possible by listening to their calls and going over a coaching form with them.

Coaching forms are very beneficial in many different ways. Believe it or not, these forms do help Incept meet their monthly goal and here’s how:

  1. One of the ways a coaching form can help is by boosting up the CME’s confidence level, which goes a long way in recruitment calls. Our management team makes sure to point out positives in each phone call, such as the CME going the extra mile to show appreciation to the donor, sounding very friendly, and using a strong second attempt to close out the call with a blood donation appointment. Letting CMEs know all the positive work they do helps them continue to make quality calls that our clients love to hear.
  2. Another way a coaching form can help a CME is by providing an opportunity to make improvements. One of the topics in a coaching form is area of improvements. This is where the CME is given advice on what they could have done or said differently. It can be as little as reminding the CME to capture an email to notify donors of future blood drives, verifying zip code to find the most convenient location to donate, or offering an assumptive question to gain a better chance of setting up an appointment, etc. When giving this advice, it encourages CMEs to do better in their calls, to exceed their expectations, and to accomplish an improvement.
  3. Coaching forms not only help with those two aspects but also (most importantly) they help with PDR. PDR is the percentage of donors that CMEs actually get in the door to donate blood. The higher the PDR, the more donors there are coming in to help save lives! As I mentioned earlier, we have a monthly goal which is a specific amount of blood donations we need scheduled to help blood centers all around the country meet their daily blood supply.

Here at Incept, we strive to bring out the best in each other, and coaching forms are one of the ways we are able to bring out the best in our Conversational Marketing Experts. With the help of our wonderful management team and by using the helpful techniques such as coaching forms, our CMEs are able to drive great results!

How do coaching forms help you?