Why Blood Donor Recruitment Matters During The Holidays

Donating blood is important year round. However, during the holidays, it is that much more important. Due to travel and the increased frequency of accidents, the holiday season is a time when hospitals need more donors and more blood. As people are traveling and the roads are getting slick with the winter weather more and more accidents occur.

The important thing to remember is this: every call you make and every donor you speak with has the potential to help keep the blood supply at a safe level and ultimately help patients in the area. You have the ability to contribute to the blood supply by following the appropriate steps to ensure you are making quality calls.

Everyone is busy during the holiday season, with holiday shopping, family events, etc. Keep in mind that donating blood takes about an hour, and no other gift is as important or as special as saving a life. For the eligible donor, remind them that they could use that hour as a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season – an hour or so when they have the opportunity to do something so meaningful.

During the holiday season, I love finding some time to just breathe. Donating blood gives me that opportunity. It is an hour to just reflect, plan my holiday shopping, or ponder my travel schedule without the stresses of work or home life.

When making your calls, remember to think positively, and try your best to be accommodating to the donor and their hectic holiday schedule. Each donor has the potential to save up to three lives this holiday season.