How Does Incept Stand Out From the Crowd?

When it comes to being unique, what is it that truly defines that quality within or about someone?

Is it a huge multicolored mohawk, adorned in liberty spike style that grabs your attention? Maybe it is an awesome pair of ultra-rare Dinosaur Jr. Nike SB Dunks just screaming for notoriety from their wearer’s feet. Could it possibly be a face full of piercings and ears that are gauged so big you can almost fit a soda can through them that command your eyes to gaze with wonder? And let us not forget the full assortment of tattoos to match. At this point I can only imagine the type of imagery you as a reader are envisioning! It’s almost humorous what our brains can determine to be unique when generating a first impression of someone. In all reality, I have used one of my friends for inspiration in writing the first paragraph of this blog.

What does it mean to you to be unique?

The thing about the term and quality of being unique is that it can come across in a rather superficial way – sadly enough – especially within the context of today’s society. Always remember that the way you made people feel within the interactions you share daily in your life will always be what makes you as a person unique rather than your looks, because, after all, with age your looks fade away.

When it comes to being an innovator within the Conversational Marketing field, as well as a philosophical zebra of a different set of stripes when it comes to company culture, Incept recognizes the fact that no matter what we do, we always strive to strengthen the relationships between ourselves and our customers and clientele. Here are three big reasons why Incept is currently leading the way in the field of blood donor recruitment and why we stand out above our competitors:

  • We capitalize on one of the biggest things that makes Incept unique: our company culture.

The thing consistently noted about Incept is the atmosphere in which all of us work. It’s really a productive and friendly environment. Do you understand how encouraging it is to come to work and see so many different types of people getting along naturally? People aren’t just coworkers at Incept, they are friends. And that type of camaraderie not only has a positive effect on employee morale, but it has also created a team vibe where we always look to succeed as both a world-class organization and as a collective team of goal-focused individuals working towards our clients’ goals first and company goals second. This is what it really means to harness the energy of your own company culture.

  • We always think about what it means to “Strengthen the Relationship” with out donors and clients in every call we have.

When it comes to our industry there is a big misunderstanding that one always has to be pushy and overly assumptive – almost to the point of being aggressive – with someone just to get a sale or appointment (or whatever the conversion might be). At Incept we do believe in being assumptive, but we believe that the way we end each call with our donors and customers is what is really important. Sometimes that doesn’t mean getting the appointment or getting that close; as long as we do what the donor or customer asks us to do and can manage to pull it off to where that person gets off the phone with a Conversational Marketing Expert (CME) and feels good about why we called (or even simply about talking to us), that is what it is really about. There are no instances of force-feeding anyone products or trying to push people into tentative appointments. The quality of our conversations speak for themselves when it’s time to check the results.

  • We are a Conversational Marketing Firm, not a telecommunications agency.

There has always been a big misconception of what we actually do here at Incept. Yes, at the very core of our business the telephone is one of our biggest tools when it comes to literal communication of the spoken kind, but that doesn’t mean we are telemarketers. When you think of the word conversation, do you think of two people talking? That is what it is all about. Communicating to create meaningful results through productive conversations is what we stand for. This doesn’t mean talking at someone, but rather with them – putting more of an emphasis on listening. By simply listening to our donors and engaging them in quality conversations is really how we have been so successful and helps to explain why Incept has catapulted to become a leader in the industry.

Many organizations seem to still have this cookie-cutter image of what they want to be, not what their customers need them to be. For Incept, being a unique organization doesn’t have to mean that, though. At the core of all that we do it is our clients and customers we put first – even before ourselves as a company – and that is the main attribute behind why Incept stands out from the pack.

What other examples do you have of companies that are unique within their own industries?