#RelationshipsMatter | Employee Spotlight: Steve Kieffer

Incept is a place where relationships matter. We're a creative, diverse, and engaging community uniting more than 200 team members with Fortune 500 companies, blood centers, and B2B sales teams across the United States and we want to share some of the stories from the people that make this team great every day.

Today we bring you Steve Kieffer, Incept'sSenior Account Executive.


Hi, I'm Steve Kieffer. I'm a Senior Account Executive here at Incept. I manage multiple clients in order to ensure that we deliver the highest quality and service that would suit their particular business needs. I work with blood banks across the US, and the thing I enjoy the most about working with them is that I do truly understand that we are saving lives. The people, the clients I work with every day, they're very passionate and dedicated to that mission.

The thing I love about working for Incept the most is that I get to work with multiple departments. Every person I work with, they all bring different
skill sets and their own excellence that, when we work together for a common goal, everybody has a different impact. And it's really interesting to work with this variety of people.

Something personal about me, I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite experiences I had in the past year.  I took my two-year-old son, just me and him, to a bluegrass festival. It was an outdoor festival. It was a kind on the whim thing. I took him down there since I knew that he liked live music. He had such a blast. He danced around. We met people. He would go up and down the rows of people, high fives in a row. And then he'd go back and fist bump them all the way down. And then the music would start up and he would dance around. Everybody was dancing with him. I'll never forget it.

Again, my name is Steve Kieffer. I'm a Senior Account Executive here at Incept, where relationships matter.


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