Supermodel Niki Taylor Thanks The Blood Donors That Saved Her Life

Niki Taylor recently had the opportunity to thank and hug some of the blood donors who helped to save her life more than 10 years ago. The Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter of the American Red Cross was able to host Niki and about 15 of her donors for the emotional reunion. In 2001, Niki was in a car accident that left her critically injured. She needed more than 100 transfusions during her treatment, and it took more than 300 blood donors to provide the blood and blood products she needed to survive.

“My road to recovery was long and tough and painful,” said Niki. “I needed many transfusions, and I had dozens of operations to repair the damage caused by the accident.” Niki credits her survival to the donors who gave her a second chance at life and the doctors, nurses and staff at Grady Memorial Hospital who treated her.

On Wednesday, March 20th, Niki was able to put a face to some of these donors and personally thank them for saving her life. The meeting was a big surprise to the donors, as they did not know their blood was used to save a celebrity!

“It’s very exciting to meet one of the people who has been a recipient of my blood donation,” said Susan Jackson, an Atlanta-area donor. “It’s actually inspired me. I’m a seven-gallon donor.”

Niki’s experience has turned her into a full supporter of the Red Cross, and she is doing her part to help spread the word of the need and importance of donating blood! Her life was almost taken by that car accident, but she took it back! She is now sharing her story to help inspire others to roll up their sleeve and donate!